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The Solicitors Journal has just published two articles from First Law on SLAPPs and the SRA to improve solicitors’ understanding of the link between guidance and reporting obligations and to raise awareness of the importance of the use of effective deterrents by a well-functioning regulator to drive up standards of regulatory compliance and on the Theory and Practice of Regulation to set out a blueprint to become an effective regulator


The International Bar Association published an article on ‘Effective legal spend in the pandemic era’ in November 2020 looking at how in-house legal teams can manage legal spend


Our founder contributed several sections to this piece, explaining the symbiotic relationship that exists between in-house counsel and external lawyers


In some ways an in-house legal team is like the brakes on a car. You don’t apply them all the time, but you would never drive without them. When winter approaches and road conditions deteriorate, it is more important than ever to service the brakes and upgrade them if necessary


Applying these principles, our founder built, led and grew the in-house legal team at Southern Housing Group to become the centre for legal advice and trusted counsel from 2012 to 2021. The legal team’s achievements were recognised by reaching the short-list for In-House Legal Team of the Year at the Law Society Excellence Awards 2019 and being selected as a finalist for the UK Housing Awards 2020 in the Professional Services Partner of the Year category

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