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Regulatory and compliance functions

How to optimise your policies, controls and procedures needed to discharge regulatory duties in a fast-changing legal landscape


Maintaining compliance achieves improved business performance and enhanced market reputation


The SRA’s regulatory reach is extending, so it is essential that your business is equipped to respond to regulatory assessments and investigations by demonstrating compliance in your business-as-usual activities


First Law helps organisations develop their approach to regulatory compliance with a focus on internal governance arrangements to support all employees


From processes to report compliance breaches, to operational guidance on conduct in disputes and managing corporate instructions, First Law gives practical, expert advice gained from a deep understanding of how the SRA and other regulators exercise their regulatory functions

Office Building
Business Partners at Work

Generating value through better use of in-house legal teams

A top-performing in-house legal team for any organisation generates far more value than the cost of its operation


In-house lawyers add value in terms of risk management, protecting and enhancing your organisation’s reputation and operational and strategic planning

The relationship between in-house counsel and external lawyers is symbiotic. First Law advises organisations how best to select and manage law firm panels and external counsel, with over 20 years' experience operating legal services frameworks


The in-house arm of the legal profession has grown and matured significantly in the last 10 years. In-house lawyers are more influential and better respected. The greatly increased importance of compliance and governance duties imposed on business is a key driver for this


There is a respected body of research in this area. One of the most interesting findings is the Value Pyramid that came out of a programme of interviews with over 100 General Counsel from a wide spectrum of organisations


The pyramid divides tasks into four levels, according to the value they provide to the business. Level 4 at the base is the day-to-day routine work of a legal team. As you move up the pyramid, tasks become more valuable


First Law gives professional advice on how your in-house legal team can contribute as much as possible at the higher levels of the pyramid, without neglecting the essential work at level 4

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